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In a recent virtual interview, Stage Founder Dan Frydenlund talked about the strategies and guiding values that make Stage unique. He also gave his perspective on the current moment and what he’s excited about for the future.

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Private equity has come a long way from its origins as a niche investment strategy, becoming a major generator of wealth for markets around the world and outpacing public markets in terms of capital raised for over a decade.


It’s no secret that venture funding is fiercely competitive. It rewards the outliers, the “unicorns,” at the expense of the many solid startups in the middle—startups that show exceptional promise and could create value for the world if only given the chance.

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The new Barbie movie may be unapologetically pink and outlandish. But it’s also full of insightful social commentary and nuanced reflection on the iconic brand.

Insights 0000 Is It Time To Fire The Founding Ceo

Considering what is best for customers, employees & shareholders Key Points:Investors must ask themselves, what does the company need right now to survive, and does the CEO have both the skillset and fortitude to do what it takes?The founding CEO is not always the right person to continue leading the company, the company will survive.As … Read more

Insights 0003 How To Cut To Breakeven

A practical 5-step guide for founders & CEOs As founders, we all want to grow to breakeven by achieving scale, but sometimes that’s not possible. If you’re running out of cash and you need to buy your company more time, sometimes your only option is to cut your way to breakeven. This is a practical … Read more

Insights 0001 Market Correction

Over the last decade US public markets have boomed and the market caps of technogoly stocks have risen consistently. This environment created a frenzy of venture capitalists (VC) looking to strike gold with the next big technology IPO. From Series A to pre-IPO funding, tech startups appeared to have access to limitless inexpensive capital. And … Read more

Insights 0002 Raising A Series B Is The Exception

My startup failed to raise a Series B. We had what I thought was good traction, unique competitive positioning, tech to help us scale, and a strong team. With the benefit of almost two years of hindsight I now know that it’s not that we weren’t good, it’s that we weren’t good enough. Current data … Read more

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