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Stage Restructuring Mediators

In situations that have become difficult to manage, we can step in and mediate between multiple banking partners and stakeholders, facilitating complex negotiations to reach mutually beneficial outcomes.

Stage Restructuring Hands On

We’re not your typical consultants. We actually do the hard work required to restore profitability and trust for companies in crisis.

Stage Restructuring Access To Stage

Through the private equity side of our business, Stage Fund, we have the unique ability to access additional financing and M&A opportunities.

Our experienced leadership teams quickly identify the highest priority issues, determine short-term stabilizing solutions, create action plans, and act immediately.

Our Restructuring services include financial restructuring, capital solutions, cash flow/liquidity management, and operational restructuring in a broad range of transactions.

The strength of our strategic analysis practice comes from our independence, practical advice, and innovative solutions driven by our deep business, debt and capital market experience.

We have expertise in preparing for and operating during the process leading up to insolvency or dissolution as required to maximize return for secured lenders/creditors, provide protection from creditors, and insulate the stakeholders.

We have a proven track record of consulting and operating businesses with limited resources in time constrained environments.

Stage Web Restructuring 100 Day Process
Stage Web Restructuring White Diagonals

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